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HAND SOAPS + HAND CARE - Utilising the right hand care product in your business can be essential for both your staff and customers. Whether you need specialty products for food or health industries, or just a cost effective product, we can provide the solution. Range includes foam and liquid hand soaps for along with antibacterial waterless hand sanitisers, industrial hand scrub and other hand care products
nexgen premium foam -
Specially designed premium foaming hand soap including moisturisers, to clean and protect hands
all clear -
AQIS approved - non-perfumed colourless hand cleanser for food preparation areas
super soft -
extra mild cleanser for hands & all over body. Designed for frequent washing or for dry and sensitive skin
soap on tap -
white pearl or pink hand cleanser with high quality fragrance. Use on hands or all over body.
5L or 25L
maxiscrub -
heavy duty hand cleaner (w poly beads) effectively removes grease, tar, gum, glue & many others, leaving a natural pleasant citrus scent
5L or 20L
foaming soap -
Foam formula with a pleasant aloe vera fragrance. Quick-acting antimicrobial kills the most common bacteria found in foodservice environments
800ml pouch
fresh hands liquid -
A mild anti-dermal formulation suitable for use in any area requiring a mildly perfumed hand washing solution.
800ml pouch   
fresh hands anti-bacterial -
AQIS approved - Odourless anti-bacterial antiseptic hand cleaner which is formulated to NOT irritate or dry skin but keep it smooth and soft
800ml pouch   
hair + body wash -
body wash and shampoo with conditioning agents to produce a rich lather which rejuvenates hair and makes the skin feel soft and subtle . Fully biodegradable, silicon free and is the same pH as natural skin
800ml pouch   
waterless gel sanitiser-
Instant Hand Sanitiser. Kills 99.99% of most common germs within 15 seconds without water or towels
800ml pouch   
**This list is only a small representation of the total products we offer. For any other application, please ask