Chemflo is a South Australian company whos brand of chemicals are manufactured in SA specifically for our water conditions

Specific Chemicals for all industries - hospitality, aged health and child care, government, sports and community clubs, industrial, commercial

For our customers who use our products at home, you will see superior performance over supermarket products, as most of our products are concentrates and because they are designed for harsher industrial conditions, when used at home they cut through, both in performance and cost savings

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Acid Descaler

For removal of scale and rust off equipment


Automatic Dishwashing Machine Powder (ADMP) a granular white powder with a mild chlorine odour. Recommended for use in commercial or domestic dishwashing machines

All Clear

All Clear Type A Hand Cleaner for use in Food Preparation Areas

Beer Glass Detergent

Is designed to manually wash beer glasses

Black Velvet Disinfectant

Multi functional product that cleans, disinfects and deodorises in one operation.

Bleach 4%

Multi-purpose bleach with many applications in the laundry, kitchen and bathroom

Blitz Dishwash Detergent

Is a neutral detergent designed for manual dishwashing and general cleaning


Liquid chlorinated detergent bleach sanitiser


Quaternary No-Rinse Sanitiser


CC60 is a combined cleaner, bleach sanitiser

Chemflo Bright

Chemflo Bright (oxybleach) is a complete product containing enzymes and detergents which help with general cleaning as well as removing bleachable stains.

Chemflo Chlor

Chemflo Chlor combines cleaning, disinfection and bleaching in one easy operation.