Chemflo is a South Australian company whos brand of chemicals are manufactured in SA specifically for our water conditions

Specific Chemicals for all industries - hospitality, aged health and child care, government, sports and community clubs, industrial, commercial

For our customers who use our products at home, you will see superior performance over supermarket products, as most of our products are concentrates and because they are designed for harsher industrial conditions, when used at home they cut through, both in performance and cost savings

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Red Thunder

Red Thunder is a viscous red liquid with a pine oil and ammonia odour. It is a multi purpose cleaner for bathroom, kitchen, laundry and general use. Red Thunder cleans and deodorises at the same time

Refresher Tabs

30g deodorant blocks for deodorising urinals and toilet areas

Royal Laundry powder

Low cost laundry detergent for top or front load washers


Sadie is a neutral pH cleaner. Sadie is biodegradable and has a pleasant apple and citrus fragrance


One Shot Cleaner / Sanitiser

Sanitiser RTU

Ready To Use sanitiser for food preparation areas

Soap On Tap

Soap on tap can be used for washing hands, face or all over the body in a shower

Squeeze Industrial Hand Cleaner with Pumice

Soap on tap can be used for washing hands, face or all over the body in a shower

Super Soft

Is an extra mild cleanser designed for those who need to wash their hands frequently basis

Vanilla Woods

Disinfectant Cleanser with Outstanding Deodorising Ability

Window Cleaner

Window Cleaner is a clear blue liquid with an ammonia odour. It is used for cleaning windows, mirrors and shiny surfaces such as chrome and stainless steel

Wooly Wash

Phosphate free liquid detergent with natural eucalyptus oil.