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Multi Purpose Heavy Duty Cleaner

Multi Purpose Heavy Duty Cleaner can be used for a whole range of different applications simply by using the varying dilution

Natural Orange Cleaner

Natural Orange Cleaner is a clear orange liquid with a fresh orange and mango scent. This is a versatile multi purpose cleaner that can be used on all washable surfaces

Red Thunder

Red Thunder is a viscous red liquid with a pine oil and ammonia odour. It is a multi purpose cleaner for bathroom, kitchen, laundry and general use. Red Thunder cleans and deodorises at the same time


Sadie is a neutral pH cleaner. Sadie is biodegradable and has a pleasant apple and citrus fragrance


One Shot Cleaner / Sanitiser

Sanitiser RTU

Ready To Use sanitiser for food preparation areas

Soap On Tap

Soap on tap can be used for washing hands, face or all over the body in a shower

Super Soft

Is an extra mild cleanser designed for those who need to wash their hands frequently basis