Super Soft

Is an extra mild cleanser designed for those who need to wash their hands frequently basis
Manufacturer: Chemflo

Super soft is a creamy pearlescent liquid with a mild cosmetic fragrance. It is an extra mild cleanser designed for staff in nursing homes and hospitals that need to wash their hands on a very frequent basis.

It is also suitable for washing the face and all over the body.

Super Soft is based on a blend of extremely mild cleansers commonly used in baby shampoos and other mild products. The soft cleanser do not degrease the skin, even with frequent washing.

Super Soft contains a blend of special moisturisers and emollients to help protect the skin and leave it feeling silky soft.

Super Soft has a pH of 6 and so will not affect the pH balance of the skin, unlike soap based products which often have a pH over 10

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Super Soft 5L
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