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Chemflo, with more than 30 years of laundry experience, is the solution. Everything from the laundry equipment, chemical dispensers, chemicals and training is provided to suit

Chemflo offer cost-effective chemicals, hand soaps and sanitisers in liquid or foam, combined with cleaning consummables like toilet paper, hand towels, mops, gloves etc along with commerical laundry equipment.

Our team is highly experienced in providing quality chemical training, advice on achieving accreditation, as well as meeting and exceeding industry cleaning / hygiene standard

what we do

supply high quality chemicals and cleaning systems which are specifically designed to be environmentally friendly, cost effective, and to deliver consistent dosing of cleaning product every time. we supply to Aged/Health Care, Hospitality, Hotels, Child Care, Hospitals, Food production and many others


what we provide

training, knowledge and cleaning systems to enable you to effectively clean and sanitise in your business without breaking your budget. our products are environmentally friendly, but also designed to save your business money through smarter packaged products for easy shipping


who we are

our team have worked in the cleaning, chemical, laundry and hospitality industries for more than 40 years. in that time, we've learnt a thing or two... our aim is to provide the best knowledge, training, products and systems to ensure that best cleaning practice is easily and cost-effectively achieved