chemflo services & install

testing, hygiene reports, training, consultation, installation & accreditation

we keep in touch with the latest developments in the chemical and cleaning industries from all around the world, combined with our industry experience of more than 40 years, means we can tailor a service solution to match your requirements. just some of our services are

kitchen chemicals

CHEMICALS - today are available in so many forms for so many applications. we source from the best manufacturers around the globe, offering general cleaners, through to specialist products. for any requirement, you need just ask

floor cleaning

CONSULTATION - for every aspect of cleaning chemicals and best cleaning practice. This extends to major projects anywhere in AU utilising the knowledge and experience of our team, who are recognised as industry leaders with more than 40 years experience.

bathroom cleaning
TRAINING - is essential to managing your costs, but more importantly, protecting your business and your customers from potential health risks due to insufficient cleaning. Quality training can apply to any member of your cleaning staff, or managers, which is conducted by industry certified trainers
bathroom cleaning
DOCUMENTATION - outlining chemical properties and best use, but as important, extends to wall charts and information which is industry leading.
bathroom cleaning
HYGIENE - best practice, both in how we operate and set-up our customers, but also in how we supply and train those we work with
bathroom cleaning
TESTING - hygiene swab testing which is routine for the validation of your cleaning procedures. applicable to any environment where health and hygiene are paramount
enzyme cleaning
SURVEYS - done well can mean huge differences in your costs come the end of a year. often, many businesses are supplied with too many different 'unnecessary' chemical products, when proper advice can reduce the number of products used, but more importantly reduce those bills


installations + maintenance

of all soap + chemical equipment

thumbnailwith costs in almost every department of your business operation on the increase, you need your equipment working correctly and for the long term

to ensure that this happens, our installation team are very experienced and trained in all aspects of chemical equipment installations. this incorporates knowledge of electronic equipment for commerical dishwashers and laundry equipment as well as the chemical application of these units. this understanding ensures that the equipment is installed and programmed in a way to ensure correct and best operation

scheduled preventative maintenance of this equipment is designed to prevent breakdowns and continue the cost-effective dosage of your chemical systems

electronic systems > are essential to manage the consistent dosage of chemicals for your dishwashers, laundry washing machines, drain cleaning, water treatment and many other applications

washroom systems > include soap, paper, hand dryer and air freshener dispensers, with many options to suit your business regardless of your industry or the style of system you need

chemical dilution systems > manage costs in your business by measuring the dosage of your chemicals everytime you use. these systems suit many industries with housekeeping, kitchen, and other cleaning stations