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kitchen chemicals

KITCHENS - Commercial kitchens now require a lot of attention when cleaning to meet today’s health and hygiene standards. To meet this demand...

hand soap

HAND SOAPS - Utilising the right hand cleaning product in your business can be essential for both your staff and customers. Whether you need specialty products

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floor cleaning

FLOORS + SURFACES - floor maintenance becomes simpler when the correct products are used. We provide products for all aspects of floor restoration...

laundry chemicals
LAUNDRY - Good results in commercial and on premise laundry can be difficult to achieve. We use innovative solutions to reduce costs and meet environmental regulations
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bathroom cleaning
BATHROOMS - The bathroom and toilet of any commercial facility have unique cleaning needs, and require specially designed products to meet them...
disinfectant chemicals
DISINFECTANTS - and sanitisers are essential where effective prevention of microbiological activity causing disease is a very real risk...
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air fragrances
AIR CARE - Whether the bad smells reside in your bathroom, office building, food preparation area, commercial laundry, aged care facility...
cleaning chemicals
GENERAL CHEMICALS - In today’s environment, we have so many applications where cleaning products are needed. For any cleaning need, we have a product available...
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enzyme cleaning
ENZYMES - Eliminating foul odours has been a problem that dates back to at least 3,000 years ago. No matter what foul odour you smell, AirX offers a solution...