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FLOORS + SURFACES - Commercial floor and surface maintenance becomes simpler when the correct products are used. We provide products for all aspects of carpet cleaning, floor restoration, and hard-floor cleaning and maintenance down below and products along with advice for all type of surfaces from stainless steel, concrete, tiles and more
sadie -
neutral pH fl oor cleaner for any fl oor type with pleasant citrus fragrance
5L or 25L
multi-purpose heavy duty -
AQIS approved - Non caustic high strength alkaline cleaner for removal of grease, fat and soil which is suitable for all surfaces
5L, 15L or 25L
lemon disinfectant -
economical lemon disinfectant cleaner
5L or 25L
mirror image -
premium glass, chrome and stainless steel cleaner
5L or 25L
window cleaner -
Fast acting streak free cleaner for windows & mirrors
extra kleen heavy duty-
AQIS approved - For greasy floors, greasy and fatty surfaces, deep fryers and ovens. Contains caustic for extra effectiveness. Do not use on aluminium
5L, 15L or 25L
grease buster -
A premium heavy duty degreaser suitable for use in kitchens, workshops and even on engines
5L, 15L or 25L
red thunder -
All purpose soap based cleaner / deoderant with pine oil and amonia. Suitable for general cleaning
5L or 25L
red knite -
heavy duty alkaline cleaner with pleasane citrus fragrance. Suitable for large variety of applications
5L or 25L
sani-det -
(AQIS approved) - Liquid quaternary detergent / sanitiser to clean and disinfect all surfaces
5L or 25L
lemon sheen -
Cleaner polish for laminated furniture containing protective silicone oils. NOT suitable for French Polish
creme cleanser -
Non scratch creme cleanser with a fresh citrus fragrance. Suitable for all surfaces
500mL or 5L
**This list is only a small representation of the total products we offer. For any other application, please ask