cleaning chemicals and sanitisers for commercial kitchens

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KITCHENS - Commercial kitchens now require a lot of attention to cleaning to meet today’s health and hygiene standards. To meet this demand, we provide a full line of product for every part of the kitchen including a line with AQIS approval
evolution -
Economical commercial dishwashing detergent with
great performance designed for hard water conditions
5L, 15L or 25L
flash dry -
Rinse aid with additives to reduce spotting and
streaking, enhance shine, all with a built-in descaler
5L or 15L
blitz -
Premium manual dishwash liquid detergent & general
purpose cleaner
5L or 25L
Powder for commercial or domestic dishwashers. Non-caustic formulation to be added manually
5KG or 15KG
multi-purpose heavy duty -
AQIS approved - Non caustic high strength alkaline cleaner for removal of grease, fat and soil which is suitable for all surfaces
5L, 15L or 25L
extra kleen heavy duty-
AQIS approved - For greasy floors, greasy and fatty surfaces, deep fryers and ovens. Contains caustic for extra effectiveness. Do not use on aluminium
5L, 15L or 25L
grease buster -
A premium heavy duty degreaser suitable for use in kitchens, workshops and even on engines
5L or 25L
grill power -
Caustic liquid for rapid removal of grease and burnt on fat deposits off ovens, grills and hotplates. Not suitable for aluminium
5L, 15L or 25L
bleach 4% -
Liquid chlorine bleach with 4% available chlorine.
Suitable for sanitising and destaining
5L, 15L or 25L
sani-det -
(AQIS approved) - Liquid quaternary detergent / sanitiser to clean and disinfect all surfaces
5L, 15L or 25L
sanquat -
(AQIS approved) - Concentrated quaternary based sanitiser. Rinse off or leave on
5L or 25L   
tri kleen -
(AQIS approved) - Strong alkaline powder cleaner for cleaning deep fryers, fi lters and heavily soiled surfaces. Does not contain caustic
Ready-To-Use food grade sanitiser. Wipe off or leave
magnum -
Non-caustic, non-dangerous goods rated machine
dishwashing liquid
5L or 15L
beer glass detergent -
Liquid detergent sanitiser to clean and sanitise glasses
washed manually
**This list is only a small representation of the total products we offer. For any other application, please ask